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Discover the animals

Welcome to Animals edition of Baby Puzzle Games For Toddlers, a place where children will spend time constructively while learning and having fun.

Puzzles play an important role in child education, they are a perfect learning tool for toddlers and help them develop cognitive skills by setting goals and improving problem-solving capabilities.

Let your kid fully enjoy the following: 

→ Exploring over 200 educational and creative puzzles 

    - 33 Shape matching puzzles

    - 30 Square tiles puzzles

    - 18 Classic jigsaw puzzles 

    - 54 Image recreation puzzles 

    - 38 Sorting and classifying puzzles

    - 30 Memory card puzzles

→ Learning and recognizing farm, wild & marine animals

→ Choosing from 12 creative categories

Areas of children educational development covered in the game:

+ Perceptual skills 

+ Shape recognition

+ Picture recreation 

+ Reconstruction with the help of irregular shapes

+ Hand-eye coordination

+ Goal setting

+ Focusing and concentration

+ Problem-solving abilities

+ Visual memory skills

+ Sense of achievement

App key features: 

* Stunning graphics that keep children immersed

* Awesome visual and audio effects designed for kids

* Rewarding animations at the end of each puzzle series

* Funny interactive characters for displaying level progress

* Audio (positive/negative) feedback at every step

* Cute transition animations after each puzzle

* Smooth drag and drop for better handling

* Happy background music suitable for 2,3,4,5 year-olds

* Multitouch support for perfect baby / toddler interaction

The app is ideal for pre-k, kindergarten & preschool children. Highly recommended for 2-5 year-old boys and girls. 

Developed with the help of experienced professionals from the field of children education.

Play & Enjoy!



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