--- Car Lane Racing - Arcade sim ---

Become the best racer out there

Car Lane Racing - Arcade Sim is all about challenging yourself to become the best racer out there. 

Put your reaction time to the test.

Smash your previous high score and check where you rank against other players on the leaderboard.


  ◾ ODOMETER MODE : How far can you make it ?

  ◾ SPEED MODE : Be the fastest, no speed limit here


  ◾ Horizontal screen tapping (right-hand side)

  ◾ Horizontal screen tapping (left-hand side)

  ◾ Vertical screen tapping


  ◾ Plenty of cars to choose from with different dynamics

  ◾ Immersive Summer / Winter / Desert environments

  ◾ Checkpoints for periodically saving the game progress

  ◾ Stimulating background music

  ◾ Online leaderboards to compare against other players

  ◾ No Refueling and no timers to slow you down

  ◾ RACING PACK : For those in a hurry, this is the shortcut to the best assets in the game


  ◾ Avoid cars in the last moment to receive a NEAR MISS bonus    

  ◾ Cars with greater agility will change lanes faster

  ◾ The tougher your car is the more accidents it can withstand

  ◾ Tired of constantly avoiding other traffic cars ? Pick up the thunder icon and smash as many cars as you can

  ◾ Don't miss the Repair key when you see it on the road 

  ◾ The more you play, the more you'll be rewarded

     ->  50 retries => 2x bonus on all future earnings

     -> 125 retries => 3x bonus on all future earnings                     

  ◾ Missed uploading a high score ? No issues, re-sync with the leaderboard from settings menu at any time

Play & Enjoy Car Lane Racing - Arcade Sim !


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