--- MATH Racing : Learning Made Fun ---

Boost your math skills while racing

Test and improve your math skills.

Play tens of levels with hundreds of unique exercises. 

Compete in challenges and see where you rank against other players

Learn math the fast & fun way with Math Racing: Learning Made Fun!

An educational 2d racing simulator that will help improve your math skills.  Ideal as a virtual homework to prepare for tests or exams.

Developed with the help of math professors with great experience in the field of school education.

Have fun learning while practicing hundreds of various math exercises covering arithmetic operations such as:








+ Math Learning Book:  Learning charts with examples from all arithmetic operations.

+ Over 1000 randomly generated math exercises in training/learning sessions, test exams & challenges.

+ Receive grades based on your performance (1,2,3 stars).

+ Difficulty can be adjusted, ideal for beginners, intermediate or advanced players. 

+ Real-time game indicators for average time per exercise & goal exercise time are displayed and compared during the game. This comparison is also reflected via colored feedback for easier reading.

+ Boost: Accelerate towards the answer and lower your exercise time.

+ Brake: Slow down if more time is needed at a particular exercise, and speed up later on.

+ Reports with solutions as feedback on wrong / right answers at the end of every failed level.

+ UNLIMITED RETRIES: Learning section can be completed as many times as wanted. New arithmetic exercises are generated every time a level is started.

+ LEADERBOARDS: Complete a challenge and upload your best score to the leaderboard to see where you rank among other players. Three leaderboards are available for beginners/intermediate & advanced to accommodate all players with different levels of math skills.

GAME-PLAY details: 

* TRAINING: Parse through all math learning levels and test exams. Complete the training sessions at your desired pace (easy/medium/hard). The harder the difficulty, the less time you have to complete all exercises. Finish the training sessions to unlock the challenge game mode.

* CHALLENGE: Pace is everything. This is measured as TPE (Time Per Exercise) computed in real-time while playing the challenge. The quicker you solve an exercise the better your result will be. Upload your best score and compete on leaderboards with other players.


-> Check the professor's math book in the main menu to refresh your math knowledge.

-> Test different training difficulties and see which one is best for you. Each one comes with a different time allocated for each exercise.

-> Difficulties can be adjusted for each set of exercises in learning levels and test exams.

-> Get cars with a better boost, they are more agile and will help you solve math exercises more efficiently by racing faster to the correct answer, thus improving your average time per exercise.

-> Select a nice background that you find relaxing.

-> Visit "Settings>Controls Info" before you start. Choose the best interaction setting for you.

-> From time to time the professor has some presents for you, check them out in the main menu. 

Math Racing: Learning Made Fun takes the arcade racing world and adds an education goal, making it a perfect educational learning tool for beginners and, at the same time, a great game-app for improving math skills and putting those math skills to the test by competing with other players from all over the world. 

Put your math exercise solving capabilities to the test.

> Be clever and solve math exercises the fun way with Math Racing: Learning Made Fun!


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